Sunday, 18 October 2009

sorry it's been so longg

it feels like i havent been on this forever!
i've been busy busy busy! well, this halloween party is officially happening, kayleighs planning it, but her dads going to be there! haha, i love her dad. 26th october here we come! its going to be amazing, i am so looking forward to it! yesterday, i found forty euros, changed them up and me and kayleigh went out for dinner. then, she came back to mine and we took loads of pictures of us being scary lol, for her invitations, and here are two of them:

in other news, my mums agreed to buy me aggie boots! these ones to be precise;

i had the day off on thursday.
so me and my best friend, ella, had an adventurous day ;) firstly we went charity shopping and i bought a black leather man bag and a collection of hugh grant films. ella bought a prada bag and a book by jodie piccoult. then we went to borough market, had bacon sandwiches and bought cakes, followed by a trip to abercrombie and fitch, where we found out our friend had been scouted to be a model! then we took a ride to camden where we were malestered by random chinese women trying to sell us food, rofl.
after that, we like ran to the train station, as we remembered the boys school next door to ours were playing colfes at rugby (their rivals), we had to wait half an hour for a train, so we only got to watch ten minutes of it, but langley won!
then we went into bromley too meet amy, ellie and kayleigh and had a good 'ole time. so it was quite a good day really!

i want so much for christmas, its unreal, but spain is being booked soon, ahhh cant wait!
im off lovely's ♥ xx
p.s, some one get me christian cooke for christmas!


  1. Ha I love the moderen twist of Frankenstine with rayban type glasses. Those shoes are cute also :) x

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