Monday, 12 October 2009

hello sunny days

i so cant wait until easter.
two of my bestfriends, ellie and jodie, and myself are off to spain! my nan has a house there and ive already got friends there so its going to be absolutely amazing. watching the sunset go down over the mountains of nerja - lushh. it will also be quite interesting as i had a.. well.. disagreement with the boys there. they all seem to be loving me at the moment thought because i'm coming out there. clubbing, no sleep, beach and la plaza - mmmm. i havent been there in like a year and feels like forever. last time i went with my friend helene and i must admit it was the best holiday of my life. we had fun dressing boys in make up and our clothes, taking lots of photos then putting them on facebook. i also nearly died from a boy giving me a moped ride, then going the fastest the moped could go and shaking it. i have seriously never been so scared in my life. mmmmmmm i want easter! its taking so longggg.


  1. cute blog :)
    i was near nerja this summer
    so jelll, im stuck in england for half term
    have a wicked time :)

  2. argggghhh its amazing!
    im so looking forward too it!
    haha, did you hear of a place called torrox?