Tuesday, 13 October 2009

miss dennis, save the cake


seriously, who thought a chemistry teacher could be so stupid. and such a waster! i was upset about the sweets, but then the laces and golden syrup! she's not even a qualified chemistry teacher. shes a effing biology one. and that stupid pink flower she wears in her hair everyday must be getting unhygenic now. my friend issy thinks she saw bug in it. gross gross gross. well, the nickname dirty den doesn't come from no where. me and emma do enjoy chemistry.. but why does she feel the need to run everything she teaches by me? she looks like she is going to cry every single second of the day. anyway, enough raving on about den.

today was alright, babysitting (er get innnn) tonight so i can buy aggie boots ♥.

i'm in a crisis, my friend is having a halloween party and i dont know whether to go as a viking or a robber. hmm sticky situation. i will post pictures of the outfits soon.

i got my work experience letter today, and i really really want to go to elle magazine, but i cant find a bloody contact. i also looked on vogue, but it said, in bold, we only accept students from university and above. damn the nation, damn vogue. i wonder where i could go? any ideas? i want a magazine ;( but i guess my dream isnt coming true!

im off now, catcha later



  1. your blog's cute :)