Wednesday, 18 November 2009

hmm, revision anyone?

yes, the day we've all been dreading is tomorrow.
science gcse in november, what is the point?
despite only revising the week before the test, i think i have actually learnt something - all those chemistry lessons were for nothing! you have to re-learn it when you revise anyway!
anyway, too much depression me thinks..
i cannot wait until new moon - er get me to the cinema now.
taylor or robert?

er rob all the way! - don't get me wrong, taylor lautner is very very very fit, but i think rob just is phenomenal.
has anyone seen the new vanity fair photos? pwaoooor.
cant wait until friday - will blog then.
my post will probabley be like ROB IS SO AMAZING LA LA LA LA haha ;)

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

yes, yes

i know i have blogged for about a century, been so busy!
kayleighs was fabbbbbb, here's some photos for yooouu.

it was a good party, thankyou kayleigh! ♥
just found out a close friend of mine just got a blog, go jodie! follow jodie darling, - shes looking quite lonely.. i'm the only follower.
anyways, christmas is approaching!
i cant wait, i love the cold.
i want an ipod, and cloothhhesss. and for my mum to actually book my holiday :))
will write soon
much love and tinnngg

Sunday, 18 October 2009

sorry it's been so longg

it feels like i havent been on this forever!
i've been busy busy busy! well, this halloween party is officially happening, kayleighs planning it, but her dads going to be there! haha, i love her dad. 26th october here we come! its going to be amazing, i am so looking forward to it! yesterday, i found forty euros, changed them up and me and kayleigh went out for dinner. then, she came back to mine and we took loads of pictures of us being scary lol, for her invitations, and here are two of them:

in other news, my mums agreed to buy me aggie boots! these ones to be precise;

i had the day off on thursday.
so me and my best friend, ella, had an adventurous day ;) firstly we went charity shopping and i bought a black leather man bag and a collection of hugh grant films. ella bought a prada bag and a book by jodie piccoult. then we went to borough market, had bacon sandwiches and bought cakes, followed by a trip to abercrombie and fitch, where we found out our friend had been scouted to be a model! then we took a ride to camden where we were malestered by random chinese women trying to sell us food, rofl.
after that, we like ran to the train station, as we remembered the boys school next door to ours were playing colfes at rugby (their rivals), we had to wait half an hour for a train, so we only got to watch ten minutes of it, but langley won!
then we went into bromley too meet amy, ellie and kayleigh and had a good 'ole time. so it was quite a good day really!

i want so much for christmas, its unreal, but spain is being booked soon, ahhh cant wait!
im off lovely's ♥ xx
p.s, some one get me christian cooke for christmas!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

miss dennis, save the cake


seriously, who thought a chemistry teacher could be so stupid. and such a waster! i was upset about the sweets, but then the laces and golden syrup! she's not even a qualified chemistry teacher. shes a effing biology one. and that stupid pink flower she wears in her hair everyday must be getting unhygenic now. my friend issy thinks she saw bug in it. gross gross gross. well, the nickname dirty den doesn't come from no where. me and emma do enjoy chemistry.. but why does she feel the need to run everything she teaches by me? she looks like she is going to cry every single second of the day. anyway, enough raving on about den.

today was alright, babysitting (er get innnn) tonight so i can buy aggie boots ♥.

i'm in a crisis, my friend is having a halloween party and i dont know whether to go as a viking or a robber. hmm sticky situation. i will post pictures of the outfits soon.

i got my work experience letter today, and i really really want to go to elle magazine, but i cant find a bloody contact. i also looked on vogue, but it said, in bold, we only accept students from university and above. damn the nation, damn vogue. i wonder where i could go? any ideas? i want a magazine ;( but i guess my dream isnt coming true!

im off now, catcha later


Monday, 12 October 2009

hello sunny days

i so cant wait until easter.
two of my bestfriends, ellie and jodie, and myself are off to spain! my nan has a house there and ive already got friends there so its going to be absolutely amazing. watching the sunset go down over the mountains of nerja - lushh. it will also be quite interesting as i had a.. well.. disagreement with the boys there. they all seem to be loving me at the moment thought because i'm coming out there. clubbing, no sleep, beach and la plaza - mmmm. i havent been there in like a year and feels like forever. last time i went with my friend helene and i must admit it was the best holiday of my life. we had fun dressing boys in make up and our clothes, taking lots of photos then putting them on facebook. i also nearly died from a boy giving me a moped ride, then going the fastest the moped could go and shaking it. i have seriously never been so scared in my life. mmmmmmm i want easter! its taking so longggg.
i'm making sense of what i have.
whilst rummaging through the attic i have successfully found some decent things! amongst the old baby clothes, wedding cards and general crap, there are some old photos, old notes from my mum and dads past and some things i really should have used a long time ago.
i'm leila. stick around, this could get interesting.